Friday, March 4, 2011

Refinishing a toy chest

We were given a nice sturdy Disney toy chest for Alta many, many years ago... okay probably 9 years. It has made several moves, held lots of toys and stuff. It has become very beat up and scratched. I still need it for Jenna's toys, but it was too scratched up to enjoy. I came across a blog that discusses refinishing furniture, thanks to Cheryl Hunter. The site is... Here I got inspired, so I decided to try it out.

First find inspirational fabric.. fabric is limited here in Stephenville, so I found the best I could. (I wanted it done yesterday, to hide all her toys.) The fabric with batting will make a nice soft top so it could not only help with clutter, but provide little spot to sit and ponder the wonders of the world to a toddler. Second find a matching spray paint. The website recommended Krylon spray paint because it sprays and looks the nicest finished. It also recommends you prime with Kilz spray primer.

Okay, here is the before picture.. I had already primed the very front... It had a similar pooh picture as the top but just covering the entire front. The primer covered it nicely after 3 coats.

This is the finished product with 3 coats of watermelon Kryon paint, batting and fabric stapled to the box. I was pleased that the spray paint dried in 10 min. I really did this in one days time.

Here is a toy box I am happy to have in my girls room.

Jenna has already enjoyed sitting on top. She gets all excited that she can climb on top and have her own spot to sit. So fun and easy. Every little bit of toy management is greatly appreciated.

Now lets fill it up.


gremhog said...

that is adorable. great job. and i love the color! your blog is turning into a 'how-to' and i'm glad you are still more, please.

Kate said...

Very cute!

Nikki said...

very cute. Love the color.

Millie said...

what a nice job the fabric.

Sturgent said...

Nice job, I used to have one of those for my duaghter - now I feel bad i threw it out.