Friday, December 17, 2010

How to Make a paper Christmas Star

For this project we used 8x11 card stock, but can be done with regular paper. (In fact it is probably easier) You will need 6 pieces of paper, some scotch tape, and a stapler.
Goal is to make a folded square piece of paper.
Now, imagine a line from the open point to the folded edge dividing the triangle in 1/2. Next you will be cutting from the folded edge towards the point/ imaginary line, making 4 cuts down each side as shown in pics totalling 8 cuts all together. Do not have the cuts pass the imaginary line( leave about 1/4 inch of space)

The space between the cuts are approx 1/2 inch.
Now the fun part:

Open the paper
See the center square, 2 corners of the inside square are attached to the rest of the paper and there are 2 corners that have been cut. Pull those 2 points together and tape them. I kind of rolled the paper to mold it into a cylinder to help it stay circular.
Next, turn the paper over, grab the next set of flaps and you will staple them together or if the stapler doesn't fit, you can tape it.
Now flip it back over and attach the next flaps. Go back and forth till it is all stapled.

You will need to make six of these or just use one as a decoration.

Now you attach them together. The sides are just stapled to each other, and then the bottom points will be stapled together. I find it easiest to make sets of three and then attach the two halves together as shown in the following pictures.
Now to finish...

Staple the first top sides together, then the middle, then the bottom sides.

Voila! A large, beautiful, impressive, paper Star or Snowflake. Depends on your point of view. They are fun to make. Merry Christmas!


Kate said...

Cute cute cute!

gremhog said...

i have checked so often to find a blog post from you and just now figured it would still just be your PG entry. Imagine my joy to find you had actually blogged that amazing star. thank you.

hope your christmas was super. you were missed.

Haley said...

super cute!