Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Catch up!

I know it has been a while and lots of fun things have passed, so I will catch up as much as possible.

My Mom and Dad have returned home from their Cambodia mission. We enjoyed the early morning airport scene. They had a nice open house and enjoyed hearing about their experiences.

One Christmas gift was seeing Disney on Ice: The girls loved it!!!

They also enjoyed Santa's work shop:

We spent a lot of time with family this Festive Season, but forgot my camera for most of it. Besides sharing the flu with many, it was truly a wonderful way to celebrate the Birth of Christ.


gremhog said...

Christmas is not for's for the pictures that you form in your heart/mind of the memories and actions. Cameras are for blogs.

kimlis said...


Post more about your mom and dad's return? I thought you spent Christmas with them? Must be wonderful to have them home!

Katrina said...

Fun times. Glad your parents made it back home and safe! Kev's parents just entered the MTC last Monday for their mission to Hong Kong! They will be working with the Area Authority over church humanitarian/service stuff, over a huge part of Asia.